Structure Reinforced Concrete
Wall Brick Wall/Reinforced Concrete
Roofing Reinforced Concrete
Ceiling Reinforced Concrete with Skim Coat and Paint/
Plaster Ceiling with Paint
Windows Aluminum-framed Glass Windows
Ironmongery Quality Ironmongery Lockset
Door Main Entrance           : Timber Door
Internal                       : Timber Door/Aluminum
                                        Sliding Glass Door
Wall Finishes Internal Walls             : Skim Coat and Paint/
                                        Plaster and Paint
External Walls            : Plaster and Paint
Kitchen / Dining        : Plaster and Paint
Bathrooms                 : Quality Tiles
Balcony                      : Plaster and Paint
Floor Finishes Entrance                      : Quality Tiles
Bedroom                      : Vinyl Plank Flooring
Living Room/
Dining                          : Quality Tiles
Bathrooms                  : Quality Tiles
Balcony                        : Quality Tiles
A/C Ledge                   : Cement Render
Planters                       : Cement Render
Fixtures and Ceiling Lighting Points, Ceiling Fan Point, Power Points
Equipment to Unit’s Specification, Telephone Outlet Point,
SMATV Outlet Point, Doorbell
Hot Water Storage in all Bathrooms
Kitchen Cabinet (including Hood and Hob)
Air-conditioning Unit in Living Room and Bedrooms
Quality Sanitary Ware and Fittings
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